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Bensalem Class of 2003's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Bensalem Class of 2003's LiveJournal:

Friday, December 16th, 2005
12:48 pm
bum bum bum

(aka I'm avoiding doing the last work I have for the semester, yaaay!)

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
3:20 pm
Sunday, March 16th, 2003
12:22 am
Tony did you ever call the place in wildwood? It is important that I know.
Please do it asap
Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
9:52 am
i heard from tony that kelly's father's significant other has an extra timeshare?? what's up with that?
Friday, November 15th, 2002
3:07 pm
where's your senses of adventure?
Ok, Kit really really wants to go to Mexico. Kit said Jen wants to go to Mexico. I would loooove to go to Mexico. SO WHY DON'T WE JUST GO TO MEXICO?? It's very feasible, I know a group from our class going to Cancun then (not like we'd go with them, but fyi, there are people going). I think we can make it happen if we wanted to, and it's very reasonable cost-wise. And btw, Cancun is happening year-round...so Kit there will be people there.

Think about it. We're 18 (some 17 but u get the point). We're only gonna be HS seniors once and we're only gonna get one senior trip. So we shouldn't settle. Let's go for it, it'll be an adventure and it'll be a lot of fun.

write back,

p.s. i think the ones who have written already are the only ones that will be active in this community, so if we want to get input from others, we'll have to ask them in school or something...
10:36 am
http://www.the-wildwoods.com/ Check it out! OMG Bay cottage is my dream home! look! under homes for rental. 1,200 a week. If we get alot of people hell, that would not be expensive at all! (Not that I'm pushing it but it is so cool!)

http://www.beach-net.com/ Check it out!
http://www.beach-net.com/nightlife/index.html Check that picture out huh?

I'll see if I can find out more info....if anyone is interested in the wildwood house comment me so I can take a vote...to see how many people are interested. If there is not enough we will take that out. Please only comment to me so I can count how many people want to go there. also those who don't have a journal let me know if they want to go. Please do it soon. I will let everyone know who voted and if we have enough people or not.

Current Mood: accomplished
10:13 am
i think kelly said that wildwood is too close, we should go to delaware or maryland and i wholeheartedly agree. wildwood IS too close. since i don't think that whole NC beach house is going to happen (which would have been far enough away) we should think in terms of far away but not too far to drive like we said. i really like wildwood but i woudl prefer a beach farther down the coast. who knows, maybe it'd be cleaner. i also agree with tony that as long as there's a grocery store nearby all is well. you can only eat and afford so much take out. i don't know if i said that yet, so i'm saying it now. i think that's all for now.. except to ask of everyone, like kelly did, WHO'S COMING WITH US!! : )

Current Mood: thoughtful
12:01 am
I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to go yet or anything, but I'm definitely interested in taking a trip. The beach sounds fine to me. Otherwise, I'd be interested in going to the "mountains" somewhere (western PA or maybe upstate New York), or possibly Canada (Niagara Falls area....since it's all pretty and stuff...even though all you choir and orchestra people prolly went there already). If I had a choice of anywhere, I'd say Colorado of course (aka real mountains=) ). Yet, I'm trying to be somewhat realistic.

As far as trip planning goes, I agree that it needs to be planned out with care and a lot of thought. We should figure out every little expense and then make sure we all have extra money for forgotten items, being spontaneous, random acts of God, etc=)

Also, once people figure out where exactly they want to go, I can get AAA hotel books and trip tiks (spiffy, easy to read, detailed maps of how to get there) since my paretns are members.

I'm tired. If I think of anything else, I'll be in touch.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, November 14th, 2002
11:11 pm
my $.02
First of all, I heard Kit cough up a Mexico...and I think that would be really cool. I would love to go there.

Second of all, I guess Wildwood and whatnot could work, except it just seems awfully close. As in too close to Bensalem, people, etc. Maybe if we go to the beach, we should look into del, maryland, etc. I dunno...

And who do we have on board thus far...cuz it only seems like we have kit, jen, tony, and me. what are mark, justin, mish, katie, tiffany, timmy, etc. gonna do? go too, or do something else? I was just kinda wondering the options.
4:09 pm
OK... By majority consensus (as of the moment) it appears we shall be venturing to the beach. Joy! (This could change in the future, just fyi!) Anywho... I LOVE THE BEACH SO IT GETS MY VOTE. Personally, i see no problem at all with just going to wildwood for the week. Honestly... Its a beach. And its not going to be like when we go down for the day. No rushing around here and there and everywhere... Just sun and happiness and tan and water and ahhhh... beach. Very relaxing. I know some people have made it known that they might feel bored just sticking around in one place for a week. But think about it... has the beach ever really bored you before? EVER? especially when all ur friends are there. There's rides and water parks and of course the beach and dolphin and whale watching and jet skiing and parasailing (if u feel the need) and volleyball etc etc etc. Since the only beach i feel myself to be a real authority on, I am taking the initiative and gathering stuff on Wildwood. I would also like to nominate myself kit and jen (who seem to have the greatest interest in the beach) to scope out places and prices and if all goes well, collect money and give receipts. If either of you has a problem with that, tis cool. I'm not trying to get u to do anything u don't want to. We just seem to be the most keen three on getting to the beach. As for everyone else... GET UR IDEAS IN HERE SO WE KNOW WHAT OTHER OPTIONS WE HAVE.
10:40 am
serious issues this time : )
alright that last entry was just babbling cause I'm kinda hyper. but then I read the last posts in there (I hadn't before I posted) and I decided to post a serious entry.
I'll be 18, when this trip is taking place, so I'll be able to tell my parents, "screw you both" and drive there, and my car shouldn't die (it's not THAT old), as long as it's within a few hours I s'pose, which is as far as we're all willing to go anyway.
Depending on how many people are going we'd need more than Kelly's car (which is getting old too) and we can't count on Mark to be there because he's flaky like that.
Even if a hotel is cheap, doesn't mean it's gross and unhabitable. So whatever we would get we could live in, it's not like we're going to be in the hotel room much anyway. I agree with Kit that it would be wise and sensible to make reservations.. but then i think about who we're talking about. when do we ever actually plan things? it'd be awesome to be spontaneous, but better to make reservations, we should all think about this a lot : )
okay i don't remember anything else i wanted to say, even though i think there was still stuff.. i'll think about it later. bye!

Current Mood: hopeful
10:17 am
the beach is good i luv beaches they're awesome. we should go there. i don't even care where, kit's right. i just wanna lie in the sun and get tan and nice and warm and *sigh* i'm cold. anyway as much as i luv erin she's going to not wanna go to the beach and it'll all be ruined and she should go to florida. *pouts*
we're going anyway. i don't care. 5-6 hour drive, cheap hotel rooms, nice warm beach and sun, what more could we ask for? actually, if someone has a house for our use, we could ask that, but i doubt that's going to happen. that'd be nice though. then we really couldn't ask for anything more. i'm not even excited about prom, i just want this week in the sun. it'll be wonderful!
okay enough babbling, but let's discuss prom too. who wants to go? who's going with who? what's everyone planning on wearing? is everyone planning to go? we should just dress up nice, go out for a nice dinner, and then go to the beach!! : )
lol bye.

Current Mood: excited
9:49 am
During Visual Basic...
Okay, so as I was saying before....Oh yeah... The beach. Now, I think that people have decided that even though we would all die to live in a beach house for the week... we all know that it won't work. It would be alot of money if nobody ended up coming. That's another thing. Some people...like myself, are concerned about the money. Nobody wants to spend 1,000 dollars for a vacation unless it is worth it. *cough* Mexico *cough* :) Anyway, if lets say we go to Wildwood, which I think everyone would love, it would probably be only 300 dollars to stay in a nice hotel,(Love ya Tony) not including food, and gas. (Which everyone must chip in on gas because I am sure kelly is not going to want to pay for all the gas herself, and it is the right thing to do.) for about 7 days and nights. Now, if we decide that we want to go to north Carolina, then we might need more money then if we went to say...Surf City. Understand? I think that if we are going to plan anything, or go on any trips...I think we should know where we are going. I heard that some people would be tired of staying at the same hotel at the same BEACH for a week, and they want to move around more. Which is fine. Only we must know how much it will be to stay somewhere else,(and whiether or not it has a BEACH) and we gotta make sure that the hotel is going to be open. The only reason I don't want to be spontaneous is because if we go to Wildwood, and hotels are booked (because summer is coming) we might end up paying alot of money we really wouldn't have to if we had set up a reservation ahead of time or We just might end up with a crummy hotel with cockroaches and dirty sheets that some tremedously large fat person sat in and did nothing but eat greasy food and smoke.(I'm sure we all don't want that) That is the only reason I think that we should do it ahead of time. Although if we end up going on "the spur of the moment" then I will still come, just as long as I have money.

Now, for this trip I am going to save my money as much as possible so that way no matter what we do I can do it, only if it will be reasonable. I am also going to read that stupid drivers licences book so that way I will be able to help drive people down if we have alot of people.

Now, honestly, I think that we should have a due date of when the money should be handed in. I was thinking probably after Christmas because then everyone has their gifts :) But in order to be able to collect money from everyone, we must have a plan of where we are going, when, and an estimate of how much. I think that people will not want to come if they think that they will not get their moneys worth, if it is the wrong time, of if they don't like where they are going. But this is just an idea. I know that I might sound like I am taking over this thing, but I'm not trying to. Please don't think that. I am just giving ideas, and thoughts that I had on this issue. I think that we should all have a good time since it will probably be the last time we will all see each other.

Now right now, we have no idea where we would like to go, so if anyone has a suggestion, send it in a comment to me or keli or someone who wrote about this or you can update your own and tell us where you would like to go of if you have an idea that you wish to bring up. Please, bring it up. I, if nobody else, would really be interested to know what your ideas are. I think Tony might be interested to. If you know someone who does not have live journal, but you know would like to come, ask them where they would like to go. ( But, honestly, lets just make it seniors.) You can then either update it here, or just bring your attention to either Kelly or myself and we will post it up for you so that way everyone will know if they want to go their or not. Just like voting, only this is more exciting cause who ever gets the most votes, gets to go on vacation with us! Isn't that exciting, and we get to go somewhere that we haven't been, or somewhere where we really want to go to. I think that is all I should right for now, if you have any questions, or you have and idea, remember you can always comment to kelly or myself, or just Update your own journal and I am sure we will be more then happy to answer you.

Current Mood: I have so much to do!
9:14 am
I think if we decide to go anywhere, we should go to someplace to the beach. I think that everyone agrees except for probably Erin. In which (I know) Me and Jen don't care and are willing to probably go anyway as long as their is a beach. Where is the beach? It doesn't matter. Yes I do think we should take cars (Tony says that he wants the beach too!) That way when we get to our destination we will be able to go anywhere we please. Personally I would only go about 5 hours a ride and maybe 6 but I don't want to go any longer then that, and I think even jen agrees with that...for now I must go...I will talk about this later

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, November 12th, 2002
11:32 pm
Yo wassuP?
Ok, here are my feelings regarding our trip:
Whatever we do, let's not make it out of this world, or we'll just end up folding at the last second (or sooner) and doing jack shit
Let's make it within driving distance (not ruling out a road trip just yet... seeing as we have to drive to do one of those)
We should designate people jobs during this planning... aka: someone to look into prices, someone to actually book the rooms, someone willing to fork over their credit card when we check in, someone to spread the word when we need to get info out (public relations), someone to handle getting everyone's money together when the time comes (and will give them some semblance of a receipt... etc etc)
As for me, there are two requirements:
Wherever we go there must be sun!
There must be some way to obtain food other than eating out all the time
10:38 pm
Ideas for our senior trip...
OK guys, so we can see what our options are...

Do we definitely wanna go via car, or do we want to keep other options open?

And if we do drive, how long are we willing to travel to get to our destination?

Write back, so we can get the ball rolling!
Monday, November 11th, 2002
12:56 am
Community Directions
OK, I figured out the community thing, so I'll write all the directions in case someone else doesn't.

1. Tell me to add you to the community. This enables you to post.

2. Add the community to your friends list. This enables you to see the posts.

3. Whenever you want to post in the community, after you type your entry, you must click on the Post In: box, and change it from your default journal to us1_world0. it's after the entry and before you pick your mood and music.

Well, that should be it!
12:56 am
Community Directions
OK, I figured out the community thing, so I'll write all the directions in case someone else doesn't.

1. Tell me to add you to the community. This enables you to post.

2. Add the community to your friends list. This enables you to see the posts.

3. Whenever you want to post in the community, after you type your entry, you must click on the Post In: box, and change it from your default journal to us1_world0. it's after the entry and before you pick your mood and music.

Well, that should be it!
12:20 am
Hey guys, I hope everyone had a good time at my party! I pretty much announced this community in my own LJ, keli.

so join!

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